7 Benefits of Taking a Lunch Break

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Productivity is the name of the game in every business across the world!  Every CEO, business owner and PR managers dream is to have a supercharged, highly productive workforce.  Which is why I was shocked when an acquaintance recently told me that he never took lunch breaks at work.

When I inquired as to why, he replied, ‘Because it is frowned upon by management.’  My acquaintance works in finance for an enormous company where absolutely no one takes a break, ever.  Unfortunately, he is one of a staggering statistic of 2 out of every 3 employees in th U.K who find themselves in the same situation.

This is indeed a marvel in this day and age.  Depression and anxiety are on the rise, this is a well-known fact.  The average person on the street knows this information because it is spoken about almost daily in the news.  So how can it possibly be that managers, business owners and CEO’s, don’t understand that chaining employees to their desks doesn’t work in todays’ world?  Even in the world of COVID-infested 2020, where many employees are working from home, a lunch break should still be encouraged.

A half an hours lunch break is no time at all.  However, as studies have shown, put to good use, it is more than enough time to allow oneself a sufficient break to boost productivity until you clock out.

7 Benefits of Taking a Lunch Break to Boost Your Productivity and Overall Well-Being

1. Physical Exercise Helps To Reduce Stress

When I work with my clients one of the first things I get them to do is walk every day for at least 20 minutes.  I recommend this because most of my clients don’t have time to go to the gym.  What is even better than trying to find a time slot in an already busy schedule, is to use what you have available to you – namely, your lunch break.  Taking a walk helps to clear the mind and refocus.  It also helps to boost your endorphins which helps to reduce stress.

2. Eat a Light Nutritious Lunch

Aim to eat something light and nutritious at lunch-time so that your body doesn’t have to work too hard to digest what you have taken on board.  This helps you to to feel energised and less tired towards the end of the day.

3. Digital Shutdown

Shutting off from your computer screen, phone and colleagues for a lunch break is helpful for relaxing the mind.  I appreciate that you can’t do this every day but try for at least 2 days of your working week.  You may find when you do this for 2 days, you will want to add another day or two.

4. Recharge Your Mind to Enhance Your Productivity

Powering down for a half hour or so revitalises the mind and improves memory, decision-making skills and social interaction with colleagues and clients.

5. The Joy Factor

Having a few moments to break away and to create a little peace for yourself increases your joy.  Happy people are productive people!  Happiness equals productivity!

6. Sunlight Helps To Boost Mood

It is well-known that Vitamin D (aka the Sunshine Vitamin) is great for boosting mental health and helps to combat depression.  If you have that kind of weather in your part of the world, by all means step outside for 10 to 15 minutes.

7. Meditation and Affirmations to Increase Efficiency

Taking a walk and listening to a guided meditation or affirmations can do wonders for your stress levels and mood.  If you are having a bad day, this is really good for working on your mind/emotion connection.  It is a very fast and effective way of turning your day around, by flicking a mental switch setting in motion supercharged positivity.  Learn more about meditation.

Of course, there are many different ways to combat stress at work, but these are some of the ‘quick wins’ to get you started.

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