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Food As Medicine - My Favourite Example!

I have been a long time fan of alternative medicine.  For the most part, this is due to what I perceive to be our unhealthy dependency on the pharmaceutical industry.

Sure, Master Tonic is not a ‘cure-all’, but from my experience, it has come in handy in times when I have needed it most!

I have used this tonic to work it’s magic on colds, flu and most recently and developing dental situation.  Once you have read the ingredients you may wonder how something so simple could be this powerful.  Well, my philosophy is that we tend to overcomplicate a great deal in our lives, which is often why we find ourselves in muddy waters.  Keep it simple – that’s wherein the power lies!

Gain Master Tonic Mastery

For anyone who is skewing towards finding natural alternatives to chemical pharmaceuticals, Master Tonic is the place to start.

Master Tonic easy to prepare.  You don’t need any kind of special skill (beyond measuring a few ingredients).  Most of the ingredients can be found in your local supermarket.  At a push, you may need to go to a specialty store or source your products online.

Download your free copy of my Master Tonic recipe below.


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The aim of this project is to help as many people as possible access a potential source of prevention against bacterial and viral infection.  This is particularly worthwhile and important at this time as we face the threat of the Coronavirus worldwide!

I would very much appreciate it that if you found this document useful that you would pass it on to others who may benefit from this knowledge.  You can do this by directing this to this page by copying the link in the address bar in your browser and sending them to this download page or by sharing via the share buttons below.

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Questions I have been asked about Master Tonic

Q:  What does Master Tonic taste like?

A:  Like salad dressing that was made in the fires of hell. (my genuine response)

Q:  Where does this formula originate from?

A:  I was told by the person who gave it to me that it was created by monks in the 1300’s to combat outbreaks of disease.

Q:  Have you ever had Master Tonic?

A:  Yes.  It cleared up my flu in 3 days.  I took a dose of five drops under the tongue 3-5 times a day.

Q:  Are you really so delusional to believe plants can cure people?

A:  I am not saying this will cure anyone, at a minimum I hope it will act as a preventative and potentially keep those who try it out of harms way.

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