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Testimonials from My Clients

As a registered member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, I am held to a high standard of ethics.

The testimonials below are genuine and reflect the nature of my work and results my clients achieve.

Praise for Jan Laurens Work

A Word From My Mentor

"As both a colleague and mentor, I am in a unique position to observe how Jan Lauren interacts with her clients, and facilitates their healing and progress forward.

This is a woman who does not – who WILL NOT – rush her client. She takes the time to learn about the 'person'. That really is critical because each client's issues are unique to them. Equally unique however, is each individual's learning style.

Jan understands that, almost intuitively, and uses her knowledge and experience to tailor a program designed specifically for each client ... she does not remotely prescribe to a 'cookie-cutter' approach.  She provides an empathetic ear but she will not let a client off the hook.

Gently, yet persuasively, I've watched her bring clients to that place where they understand WHERE they are ... HOW they got there ... and muster the courage to move forward to where they want to BE. THAT is my definition of a solid professional who genuinely puts her client FIRST, allows that client to drive the process, but never loses sight of the goal.

Jan knows the effectiveness of GREAT coaching, not just good or average. There is an objectivity that comes with a valued coach. She knows that because she walks her talk, and continues to use coaching for her own personal progress."

- C. Andruszkiewicz (LOACF, NLP Prac, CCH, RTT) and Personal Mentor -

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Testimonials From My Clients

Jan Provides Effective Solutions With Zero Judgement

“I will not employ a cliché and say that Jan Lauren is a lifesaver. What I will say is that she is a life-modifier or a life-enhancer.

From formulating goals, however unattainable they might be, to making a practical, workable strategy to achieve them, Jan is there every step of the way.

The USP of Jan is that she asks you simple questions and provides seemingly simple, but extremely effective solutions, all with zero judgment. She has helped in removing the blocks that I had placed in front of myself and helped me make a tangible plan for arriving at the future that I have imagined for myself.

In a manner of speaking, she does not hand you the fish but teaches you how to fish and gently nudges you in the direction of the biggest, baddest fish you can find. She has helped me formulate my thoughts and make sense of my plans, and helped me with internal and external tools for conquering large tasks.

My sessions with her helped me realize that my ambition of writing a feature film was doable, with the application of a few tools and some discipline.

The standout quality of Jan is her burning desire to help you live your best life and the deep empathy and understanding that she has for humans, their fallibility, and their potential.

She is one of the best, most clear, and most helpful people that I have met and every session with her has pushed me towards living a more optimized life in all aspects. ”

— A.S - Award-Winning Screen Writer

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Jan Is A Real Life-Saver!

“I was going through a major life transition and needed a fresh perspective in dealing with it. I was coached by Jan who gently provided insightful guidance, along with common-sense ideas and solutions to help me navigate it.

The result? I changed my thinking about the transition in general which lessened the fear and anxiety that initially resulted from it. I highly recommend Jan for Life and Strategic Mindset  Coaching. She was a real life-saver for me!”

Tim P. -  Marketing Consultant  | Speaker

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After Just One Session

“I came to Jan with an idea of making a recipe book and just wanted a little guidance, oh my God, did I get so much more than that! After just one session I have a clear idea of where my brand and business is heading and how to get there.

Jan is a great listener and was so easy to talk to. I felt so empowered after our session and was literally dancing around the house brimming with inspiration and ideas! She has given me clear guidance and a time frame, as I get easily distracted with the details and can sometimes get stuck, so this will help me keep moving forward.
I am very excited for the next stage of my business and would not hesitate in recommending Jan to anyone looking for guidance in their business or just life in general.”

Kelly S. - Entrepreneur & Business Owner

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I Now Feel Like Anything Is Possible!

“My time with Jan is, and continues to be, truly life-changing! The magic of an investment of this kind is that you go in with one idea, and your life changes in an unexpected way.

Jan has a natural and very powerful intuition. She instinctively knows what I need to address and when, even when I don’t. It is quite amazing to witness and be part of! I have had many “ah ha” moments in our time together and it has blown me away at times.

Jan has helped me with my marriage, my anxiety and general stress levels, management of my life and emotions, and performance coaching in relation to my singing career. The tools she has given me have dramatically shifted my life in all areas. My marriage is thriving, my anxiety is reducing, my motivation is increasing and I feel so excited about everything to come. Like I said to Jan I am now a life long learner, and she will continue to inspire me even when our work is done.

I am learning more and more the benefits of investing in YOURSELF. When you do, life rewards you instantly. It is almost as if by investing in yourself you give life the green light.  We invest in so much to “make us happy” when actually the best thing you can gift yourself is time with the right coach to help you in all areas!

My life-changes are major and are not finished yet. I am seeing more and more the possibilities opening for me and I cannot wait to watch it unfold! With Jan’s constant support, guidance, and enthusiasm for my life I feel like anything is possible!

Thank you Jan – you truly have a gift! Thank you for sharing it with us!

My advice to you is to say, "YES. I am worth the investment. I am worthy!" Jan does not see this as her “job”, it is her passion!! She won’t let you down!”

Sarah. T - Award Winning Mortgage Broker

client testimonials for jan lauren life coach

My Whole Headspace Has Changed Overnight

“Cannot recommend Jan @janlaurenlifecoach enough. I haven’t spoken to her in a few months as been busy (not going to make that mistake again!).

Caught up this week as she reached out - I’d not been in touch as been crazy busy.

A one hour session, and oh my word what a difference... In just one hour with Jan, I’m in a completely different place - more positive - more able to cope with everything that’s going on. I feel happier, confident, capable and I’ve immediately gone out and made some really awesome changes. They aren’t even suggestions from Jan, she just facilitated a safe space, an open discussion, some reflection and ended with a meditation.

My whole headspace has changed overnight.

— Naomi - Entrepreneur & International Business Owner

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Working With Jan Has Been An Amazing Journey

I began interacting with Jan during the COVID crisis, when everything was unsure and I was full of anxiety and stress. I was extremely overwhelmed by the sudden Coronavirus Pandemic which affected me emotionally, mentally & financially.

It was frustrating to sit and watch the fear take over everything and I desperately needed clarity to gain back some perspective on how to handle myself, my work & my relationships during the Pandemic.

Working with Jan has been the most amazing journey where I have learned so much about myself & my priorities in such a short span of time. All of my sessions have been extremely enriching and amazing. I have gone into each session without any set expectations other than learning how to better my life and how to reach closer to my goals.

Somehow, the way Jan has guided me reflects a deep understanding of how I perceive myself and how all that I want is deeply connected to my emotional state of being. Jan has been kind, supportive, understanding and so amazing to help me sort my problems, one issue at a time. I have laughed, sobbed, blabbered, been quiet, all of it was in a sacred space that Jan created for me during our sessions online. It has been such a beautiful and empowering experience and it never felt like we were on virtual sessions, it was truly personal and awesome.

My attitude towards things in general is more positive. I am definitely more aware of the choices I am making with my career, my health, my relationships, and my attitude. I feel more upbeat and more focused. I have a plan and a vision for myself and it makes me excited for my future.

I recommend Jan a hundred percent to anyone who's looking to make a difference in the quality of their life and work. Someone who wants a plan that's viable and practical, someone who wants to achieve a better quality of life, someone who wants to fall in love with themselves. Jan is truly the most amazing Coach one can ask for, and I feel I am definitely lucky to have met her during the craziest times of my life.

Dee T - Actress | Writer | Director

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I Highly Recommend Jan

“From the very first call I had with Jan I knew my time with her was going to be transforming.

With so much love and passion, Jan has really helped guide me through the entire process of bringing what I had envisioned into reality.

Her insights have given me immense clarity about my goals and a simple understanding of how I must go about it each step along the way.

I highly recommend Jan and her Coaching. Her warmth and philosophies are sure to resonate irrespective of the project or person.”

Rudi S. - Actor | Anchor | Creator 

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Jan Gave Me Real And Valuable Tools To Help Me Change My Life

“I contacted Jan when I was in a high state of anxiety and on the verge of depression. Jan called me, we spoke for a couple of hours and that’s when my journey began, it was instant.

Jan’s coaching during that initial conversation kick-started the transformation process from the outset.  In the first week, the anxiety completely stopped.

The hypnotherapy enabled me to shed my life’s most upsetting and traumatic experiences.  With Jan’s words and coaching, I have been able to leave them behind and look to the future without their nagging burden.

I had counseling in the past, that was good for offloading, but it didn’t give me the tools I needed to cope with my feelings and regain my strength and confidence to carry on with life.  That was one of the big differences in my sessions with Jan, she gave me real and valuable tools.

The best lesson I take from my experience with Jan is that it’s ok to be me. I still have to find who that person really is, but I now have the positivity and confidence to go out and find her.

I will need to utilise the advice and techniques that Jan taught me, they are giving me the confidence and strength to build my future – and that future looks and feels much brighter than the one I visualised only a few weeks ago.  The biggest thank you to you Jan xx ”

Lisa M - Artist

Personal Empowerment


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