What Updating My Computer Software Taught Me About The Human Mind

how the human mind works

Recently I discovered, that before computers became our ‘go-to’ piece of office equipment, the people who performed mathematical computation were referred to as ‘Computers’.  I was slightly amused by this, only because humans tend to be so much more complex than any piece of machinery out there.  In 2020, we are still considered to be the most sophisticated ‘machine’ in the Universe.  However, when I strip it all back and bring it down to bare-bones the are some similarities between us and the amassed heap of plastic and glass sitting on my desk.

In Order To Evolve We Need To Upgrade

If you have ever had a PC or MAC misbehave you may have discovered that all you needed to do was to install an update.  Like computers, we also function on programming – we receive data, we process it and deliver a conclusion.  When a computer hasn’t been updated, conflicts can arise.  The computer won’t process data correctly irrespective of what the input is. When it comes to human behaviour, we are no different.

We often struggle to overcome habits or behaviours in our lives because, we too, need an upgrade.  This is the way I explain it to new clients, ‘During our sessions, we will take out the old hard drive and we install a brand new one.  Updating is great but upgrading is even better.’  Yes, it is possible, I have seen it time and time again.  The idea that people can experience real and permanent change has only come to the fore quite recently.

A family member and I were discussing something along these lines a few months ago.  The thing which most struck me was when he turned around and said, ‘It’s pretty much a case of; evolve already.’  I laughed – he was right.  If we are to evolve, not just to keep on-trend, but to really experience the best life has to offer, upgrading our internal processes is not only necessary – it’s vital.

We Are Always In Perpetual Forward Motion

Back in the day, before we discovered the marvels of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, we were convinced that the human brain was completely static.  If anything, ‘your brain can only die’, was the most optimistic prognosis.  Thankfully we have made leaps and bounds in the realms of neuroscience in recent years.  This has led us to new and boundless possibilities as we gain more knowledge about our potential.

I love where we are and where we are heading when it comes to the science of thought and consciousness. Why?  Because it has opened up wonderful and new opportunities to us.  These discoveries mean that we can infuse hope into so much more than we used.  A situation such as a life-threatening addiction no longer has to be a death sentence.  From breaking bad habits to eradicating addiction, to creating transformations of all kinds – there is a new awareness of the ability to take control of our lives and thrive in ways we never knew were possible even 10 years ago.

Time is always marching on.  The only thing that is constant is change.  The bank of knowledge you have at your disposal currently will more than likely be obsolete in 5 to 10 years from now.  In order to keep in step with the times, it is important that we too are always in perpetual forward motion on every level.

Don’t just update, overhaul and upgrade – you deserve the best that life has to offer.  You deserve the best your mind has to offer, and what your mind has to offer you is virtually limitless.

The human mind continues to be an endless source of fascination and intrigue.  Feel free to drop me a comment or questions below ⇩ I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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